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Life of a soap maker Alegna Soap® soap making class


I started laughing as I typed “Typical day in the life of a soap maker”.  There is no typical day. And most days are not spent making soap. (more…)

Alegna Soap® at desk advice to myself

I’ve decided to give some advice to myself, the same advice I’d give a friend. After a busy soap selling season, and a very difficult year after losing my father, (more…)

Staying organized with a full time job and soap business

People ask me all the time how I do it. I can honestly say I don’t know. There are days I wonder how I keep it all together.  Staying organized while working a full time job and soap business can be tricky. I don’t claim to have all the answers. (more…)

Alegna Soap® 5 favorite blogs & newsletters

I’m pretty busy with my day job and Alegna Soap®, so I don’t have as much time for reading as I’d like. Here are my 5 favorite blogs and newsletters I always take the time to read.  I thought I’d share them with you. (more…)


My friend Donna published a blog post a few days ago. In it, she challenged the reader to look back on this year and on the lessons learned. After reflecting on her blog, I decided to take her up on the challenge. The most important lesson I learned this year is that life goes on. (more…)

Alegna Soap® Classic soap made on Long Island


Made on Long Island

Last night I was sitting on my couch responding to emails as Brian watched an episode of “Air Disasters” on TV.  We had an activity filled weekend. I was tired, and looking forward to finishing up with business and making him change the channel.  (If you’ve ever watched Air Disasters you will understand what I mean.) I was almost done when another email popped up. It was a Google Alert on Alegna Soap®. Somehow, I had been included in the Long Island Press blog “A Guide to 11 Gifts Made on Long Island“.  (more…)

Alegna Soap® soap making class

Soap Making Class

Last Friday night I taught a soap making class in my studio at home. I enjoy teaching and I try to my soap making class a fun and educational experience. (more…)

Good moments durring a difficult holiday

I’m not gonna lie, this past Thanksgiving was difficult.  It was the last holiday we celebrated with my dad.  November was also when he had his second seizure and decided to have surgery on the tumor in his brain. He died a few days after that surgery. (more…)

Running a small business is hard work


Running a small business is hard work.  I don’t mass manufacture my products so my prices are higher than many bath and body companies. I’m not Amazon and I can’t offer free shipping and promise your order will be there the next day. Although I do get help, every product I make is made in small batches. Each soap is hand cut personally by me. (more…)

Where soap making has taken me Alegna Soap®

My girlfriend Linda and I were exchanging texts the other day.  She was catching up on her emails and wanted to let me know how much she liked my last newsletter. She said “You should color in the states that you’ve traveled to for Alegna Soap®.  It would be interesting to see” (more…)