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Alegna Soap® soap making class


I had a soap making class in my studio on Long Island a few days ago. I usually only take 4 students at a time.  My studio is small and I want to be able to give everyone personal attention.  (more…)



My week was filled with simple gratitudes.  Eating dinner with my mom.  An opportunity to read a book to my grandson in Virginia. A great soap making class Friday night. (more…)

Alegna Soap® African Black Soap


I have the most amazing customers and I’m so grateful for them. They are always willing to help me when I have ideas for new products.  So when I decided to make African Black soap, I quickly realized I needed testers. (more…)

Alegna Soap® Angela Carillo About Me


This is the picture I use for my about page on Alegna Soap®. If you read my About page you can find out that (more…)

Angela Carillo Alegna Soap®


This past week I celebrated my 60th birthday.  Yes, you heard me.  I turned 60. I first thought when my 60th birthday came around, I’d celebrate it big. However, when the time came to make plans, I wasn’t feeling it. (more…)

Alegna Soap® Soap for Soup


There are 3 things we all need- a roof over our head, clothes on our backs, and food on our table. I am grateful to have all of these things and more. I’m also aware that not everyone is as lucky as I am.  That’s where the Soap for Soup sale comes in.


our weekend at home


Last weekend we spent in Virginia with grandbaby Brian. This weekend was our weekend at home with grandbaby Luke. (more…)


Our Weekend in Virginia


I’m grateful this week for a wonderful weekend in Virginia visiting with baby Brian. We spent 2 whole days looking at this amazing little guys smile. How can you not love that face? (more…)

Alegna Soap® Peppermint Scrub


Alegna Soap® Peppermint Scrub soap. (more…)

Alegna Soap® Long Island Soap Making


Last Tuesday I felt a cold coming on. Before it got too bad I decided to practice some self care.  (more…)