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Can washing improve our mood?

My girlfriend Karen gave me this article out of the January/February issue of Health magazine.  She thought it was interesting and wanted me to read it. The article quotes Spike W.S. Lee, a doctoral student at the university of Michigan.  According to a study he did for the department of psychology, Mr. Lee claims “When people wash their hands-or even take a shower-they feel they’re washing away their concerns about a given situation”.  Can something as simple as washing my hands make me feel better?  (more…)

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By Angela Carillo on Sunday, January, 15th, 2012 in Soaps.
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Let me introduce you to some of my Indie friends.From left to right we have Francis Grillo, Roslyn Johnson, Eva Stuglovics  Melissa Rivera, Kim Allen, me, Patricia Robbins, Sue Nadel  Stephanie Bismuth, and Delores Harris. Aren’t we a great looking bunch?? We are all members of the Indie Business Network and we try to get together once a month to eat, laugh and talk soap.  (more…)

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