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May 2012 - Alegna Soap

Teaching soapmaking to Chemistry students

I was asked to teach some chemistry students how to make soap this week.  I was in their classroom two days, first to make the soap and the next day to cut it.The students were able to take the recipe I used and calculate the molarity of the sodium hydroxide solution (9.2 Molar solution), change the ounces of oil used to grams and take the pH of the soap at trace (14).
Marla class and Seth's class 042
I had a great time with these kids. (more…)
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Soap Conference Day 2

Here is the email to my friends of my second day at the Soap Conference.

ann evenston

Hi All,

The day starts out great. It ends even better.  (more…)

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Handcrafted Soap Conference 2012 Day 1


The next few days I will be posting an email I sent home to friends while I was away for the 15th annual HSMG Soap Conference in Portland Oregon.  I will be adding websites and pictures to the email for you.

Hi Everyone,

This is my second day here, but the first day of the conference. Keynote speaker, Mary Lou Quinlan, was great, vendors were fun, but the best part of the day were the 2 workshops I did with Marla. We work very well together, I can anticipate what she needs before she know herself (what do you expect, I was trained by doctors)  Both sessions were on formulating creams and lotions (don’t look at me with glazed eyes!) and there were over 200 people who attended. Of course they came to see me in my pretty new black apron (with the slogan “Raise the Bar, Use Handcrafted Soap”) Believe it or not (because I actually don’t believe it myself), I wasn’t nervous. I had fun with it. Amazing, huh?

marla and I at conference 2012 1


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