Alegna Soap Business Soaps Alegna Soap. Why I chose this name

Alegna Soap. Why I chose this name

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, October, 21st, 2015 in Business, Soaps.

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After I decided to start a business, the next decision I had to make was the businesses name. I needed something that reflected who I am, and what I envisioned my company to be. Many people ask how I chose the name Alegna Soap. To me it is obvious now, but I’m embarrassed to admit the first time it was suggested, I didn’t get it.

The first name I picked for my company was Vintage Soaps. I envisioned lots of lace, antique dishes, and old fashioned props alongside my beautiful natural soaps. I purchased the website even though I wasn’t 100% happy with the name. I knew I wanted to make my Laney Line soaps and they didn’t fit with the Vintage Soaps name. What vintage soap would have those vibrant colors?  I was afraid the name would be a turnoff for younger customers too. Vintage might sound grandmotherly to them. I started asking everyone I knew for name ideas. I needed to find something I was happy with soon.

My ex-sister-in-law Patty emailed me one day with the name Alegna. “How about Alegna Soap?” she said. I’m thinking “What is an Alegna?” She laughs (Patty has an infectious laugh, I can hear it in the email) and says, “It’s your name backwards silly!  Just like Oprah and Harpo! It will be your good luck name.” I loved the idea and I had my name. It’s more subtle than Angela’s soap, and still has a personnel meaning for me. I like it much better than Vintage Soaps. It fits.

Do you think a company’s name it important?


Yours in Gratitude,





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4 responses to “Alegna Soap. Why I chose this name”

  1. Love it, very creative. The name is important, it is difficult finding one.

  2. I love this story! What a great story behind your company name. I chose mine in a huge rush, but I think if I had had time to think about it I would still have chosen the same name. Selah means to take a contemplative pause – it is an instruction in Psalms. As a book publisher Selah Press fits perfectly.

    • Once I realized what Alegna meant I knew it was the name I wanted. It was a long process for me, but it sounds like you found the perfect name for you quickly. When it’s right, you know it. Thanks for sharing Kayla

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