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Back Porch Soap NYC teaching assistant

By Angela Carillo on Monday, October, 15th, 2012 in Soaps.
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Back Porch Soap’s NYC teaching assistant

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A few years ago, I was on the Internet and saw that Marla Bosworth of Back Porch Soap taught some soap making classes in Boston. I wished I could travel there to meet her and take some of them, but my schedule didn’t allow it. I connected with her on Facebook and encouraged her to come to NYC to do some classes. Marla decided to come for a weekend to teach. And she came back a few months later.  Each time she came to NYC I would take a different class. We got to know each other and she asked me to be her NYC teacher assistant.  I jumped at the chance to work with her.

Marla offers a program called Bath and Body University, which is “an exciting, all inclusive four-day bath and body intensive program”, both in NYC and in Boston.  She teaches classes in cold process soap making, liquid soap making, anti-aging classes, creams and lotions, body balms and butters, anything you can think of in the sphere of bath and body.  Her students come from all over the world and as her assistant I get to meet and work with them. It’s been such a positive experience for me.  I’ve grown as a soap maker and a person.  I’m more comfortable speaking to groups and meeting new people. Every time I watch her teach a class I learn something new. I’ve gained confidence in myself, in my soap making abilities and in all aspects of running my business. Meeting and working with Marla has been such a great experience for me. I look forward to working her classes every other month.  Thank you Marla!Yours in Gratitude,
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