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Alegna Soap®  the power of a thank you


I’ve seen how the power of a thank you works.

Teaching soap making classes in NYC means an hour ride on the LIRR into Penn Station, and then a 20 minute subway ride uptown. (more…)


Since I spend a lot of time with my soaps, I think of them as my friends.  I give them different personalities and I thought you may like to see them the way I do.  Meet Cheyenne, my Goat Milk soap.


Alegna Soap® Goat Milk Soap


She’s creamy pure with skin soft as Cashmere, but she’s not the pampered kind who’s all dressed up with nowhere to go.

No. She’s Cheyenne, the one who’s already at work in the barn before the sun peeks over the rolling hills in the distance. Her dusty brown boots are damp with caked-on mud as she leads the herd through the pre-dawn milking ritual. (more…)

Blending class Alegna Soap®


What do a blending class, determination and a nor’easter have in common?  I’m so glad you asked. (more…)

Lessons learned on vacation

We were supposed to take this vacation last year when we both turned 60, but my dad had passed away a few months before and well, I just couldn’t.  So we went this year, last week to be exact. I had my toenails painted, (more…)

my two favorite guys

I’m so grateful for my two favorite guys. Sadly, my husband is not one of them, but he understands my obsession. In my family we had a whirlwind 13 months. First my daughter got married, then my son got married.  They my son’s wife had a baby and four months later, so did my daughter. So many wonderful changes! (more…)

What are Makers?

Adam Savage says that humans do two things that make up unique from all other animals; we use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once.  When I saw these signs at one of the elementary schools I work in, I immediately thought of my soap maker friends and what we have in common. So what are makers?



Makers are Problem Solvers


Alegna Soap® Classic soap How to choose a handcrafted soap made on Long Islands


There are a lot of handcrafted soap makers selling their soaps lately, and there are just as many different types of handcrafted soap.  Each soap maker has her or his recipe, some have more than one they use. So the question is, how to choose a handcrafted soap? (more…)

Tennessee Soap and Candle Social


Tennessee Soap and Candle Social

I’m so grateful, humbled, nervous and excited to be speaking at the Tennessee Soap and Candle Social in Chattanooga on March 24th. First of all, I love Tennessee! I’ve been to Memphis once and Nashville twice.  I went to Graceland and Beale Street in Memphis (my favorite place on Beale is A. Schwab. I found some of my soap dishes for my display table there) (more…)

Facing my fears and seeing my grandson

Dealing with Fears

I hate bridges.  Let me clarify that.  I hate driving over bridges. I don’t like being a passenger in a car going over a bridge, but that’s much easier for me to deal with than being the driver. For the first few years of my driving life, I dealt with this fear by avoiding any driving that had me going over a bridge.  However, with living on Long Island, that proved to be a challenge. (more…)

Life of a soap maker Alegna Soap® soap making class


I started laughing as I typed “Typical day in the life of a soap maker”.  There is no typical day. And most days are not spent making soap. (more…)