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Alegna Soap® and Simply Pure Products


In May I went to the 2017 HSCG Soap Conference in Las Vegas and met Mary and her production manager Melissa.  She and Melissa sat behind me and we started chatting. When she told me she was from Warrenton, Virginia and had a shop there, I knew I had to visit Simply Pure Products(more…)

Alegna Soap® Bubble Machine


It’s official! Both grandchildren love the bubble machine! We visited Elaine and Leo this weekend and brought the bubble machine with us. Brian and baby Brian (I like to call them B squared when they are together) (more…)

Alegna Soap® private soap makingclass

Kim emailed me and said she had some friends who wanted to learn how to make soap, and would I consider doing a private class for them? After emailing back and forth a few times, she was able to find a date that worked for everyone. One Friday night a few weeks ago, they had their class.  (more…)

Alegna Soap® Handmade Conference 2017


I want to share my Gratitude for Soap Conferences this week.  I’m sure my family is also grateful for them too, I can see how they roll their eyes when I start to talk soap. (more…)

Alegna Soap®


I thought you might be interested in a typical summer day in the life of this soap maker. I can’t speak for all soap makers, but this is a pretty typical summer day for me.

The alarm goes off at 7 (more…)


This past weekend was the best kind of weekend. Another grandchild weekend. This time we traveled to Virginia where my grandson Brian lives. Yes, he lives with my daughter and son-in-law. But frankly, we don’t go to see them, we go to see Brian. 🙂 (more…)


Soap, bubbles and grandchildren


I think my 3 favorite things are soap, bubbles & grandchildren. Maybe not in that order though.

A few weeks ago we were lucky that our son and daughter-in-law trusted us to watch Luke while they went on a business trip. He’s 18 months old and starting to communicate. (more…)

Alegna Soap® curing racks


This week I’ve been thinking of my soapy Long Island friends. There are quite a few soap makers on Long Island. I love these ladies for many of the same reasons. (more…)

Alegna Soap® Soap making on Long Island


I think that this exact week every year I’m grateful for the same thing. Working a school calendar. I love summer. (more…)

Alegna Soap® Soap Visor or No More Foggy Goggles Long Island soap making class Alegna Soap


Soap Visor

What seems like a lifetime ago, I was working as a Medical Technologist in a physician office lab. Since I was working with body fluids, I wore gloves to protect my hands and goggles to protect my eyes.  The joke in the office was that since I was always singing or talking while I worked, I needed a mask to protect my mouth. (more…)