Alegna Soap Soaps Can washing improve our mood?

Can washing improve our mood?

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, January, 25th, 2012 in Soaps.
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Can washing improve our mood?

My girlfriend Karen gave me this article out of the January/February issue of Health magazine.  She thought it was interesting and wanted me to read it. The article quotes Spike W.S. Lee, a doctoral student at the university of Michigan.  According to a study he did for the department of psychology, Mr. Lee claims “When people wash their hands-or even take a shower-they feel they’re washing away their concerns about a given situation”.  Can something as simple as washing my hands make me feel better?  I know my mood improves after taking a bath. I feel calmer and very relaxed. After a shower I usually feel energized. But can washing my hands make me forget my worries? I don’t worry about spreading germs once I’ve washed my hands. I spent many days working in different medical labs and believe me, you have good reasons to wash your hands often there. What do you think? The next time I wash my hands, I going to imagine washing all my troubles down the drain. Sort of a meditative hand wash.  And I will be sure to wash with a handcrafted soap so I don’t have to worry about getting dry, chapped hands!

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