Class Reviews

I am so glad I did it

I loved Angela's soap class I had already been making soap on my own but really wasn't sure if I was doing it the right way and I still had a lot of questions. Angela really is a professional and knows what she's doing. Just going in to her workshop alone is worth taking her class. It's a soap makers dream come true. In an informal, relaxed and fun setting, Angela takes you through every step of soap making, from how to select the proper molds, to where to buy ingredients on the internet to safely handling lye and then on to the fun stuff of making cold process soap. You leave well informed on how to make soap, armed with all her years of expertise as a soap maker, with recipes and where she buys her products on the internet, and all the websites she uses for her lye calculations. For me, since I had already been making soap, Angela taught me some great tips and short cuts. As one of her students, you become one of her family. She is always there to call upon for questions and is always happy to show you more advanced techniques of soap making. She never leaves you after taking her class. I highly recommend taking her class. I am so glad I did it, not only am I a committed soaper, I have a new friend. Angela is the best!

Really Fun Experience

Angela, the creator of Alegna Soaps is an amazing teacher. Her skill and love of the craft of soap making made our class and time with her a really fun experience. I first tried her lavender soap made with essential oils early this year and immediately knew I had to have all of her "flavors". She is a meticulous artisan and craft person.

GREAT teacher

Angela explained to me about the different oils and SAP value, and how each oil has a different SAP value. She explained that because of the difference in SAP value the amount of lye that you would be using will be different (of course if you stick to one recipe it will be the same). We went online to Soap Calculator, and printed out our recipe and how much lye we should use. I wanted to make Activated Charcoal Soap using Olive Oil, Palm Oil, and Coconut Oil. I prepared the oils under Angela's guidance, and the lye solution. Angela then showed me how to split the soap batter, and I added activated charcoal to half the batter, and Angela showed me how to swirl the soap. Fantastic! Angela explained everything to me, from how to line the mold to how oils and lye makes soap. I would recommend Angela to anyone who wanted to learn how to make soap, she is a caring, kind, wonderful person, not to mention a GREAT teacher.

Didn't want to leave!

My husband and I took a cold process soap making class with Angela Carillo about a month ago. The first thing that I'll say, is that at the end, we didn't want to leave! We had so much fun with Angela and learned so much about the soap making process. She really does break everything down so that you can understand it, and be comfortable with what you are doing. We left with handouts, recipes and lots of amazing smelling soap! Angela is an amazing soap maker and a lot of fun, we would recommend her highly. We look forward to seeing and possibly taking more classes given by Angela in the future.
Nicole & James