Alegna Soap Soaps Collaboration, Women supporting Women and the Feminist in Me

Collaboration, Women supporting Women and the Feminist in Me

By Angela Carillo on Thursday, July, 24th, 2014 in Soaps.
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Collaboration, Women supporting other Women, and the Feminist in Me


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I don’t exactly remember when I met Diane Bard of Peace Soap. I think it was about four years ago at the Huntington Fall Festival where we were both vendors. I do remember when I first heard about her. One of the students in the high school where I work (Joey) told me his aunt also made soap. I asked him to pass my information on to his aunt so we could connect. I think Joey dropped the ball because Diane never got the message.

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I spent one afternoon last week with Diane (who now has her soaps in Whole Foods). We had lunch first, comparing notes and looking over the process for liquid soap making. We watched soap making videos (we both agreed none of our friends would do this with us), talked about making soap, selling soap and smelled various essential and fragrance oils. (Hey, that’s what we soap makers do when we get together!)

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I love spending time with other soap makers, especially ones who live near me. By collaborating we can each benefit by placing orders together and saving money on the cost per item and on shipping. We share ideas and learn from each other. We even send customers to each other if we don’t have what someone is looking for. Yes we are competitors, and yes, we are friends. Seriously, neither one of us can make enough soap to clean the entire world, right? The idea of women supporting other women appeals to the feminist in me. There are enough people in this world tearing each other down, I choose to be someone who cheers others on.

Are you friendly with a “competitor”? Why or why not? Are you a woman who supports other women? Tell me about it.


Yours in Gratitude,


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