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Designing Labels Digho

By Angela Carillo on Thursday, September, 12th, 2013 in Soaps.
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Designing labels – Digho

So many people comment on how much they like my product labels. I believe you should do what you do best, and hire someone to do the rest. Designing isn’t one of my strong points.  I was happy to pass that on to Diane and Maria of Digho, because designing is definitely one of theirs. When I first started making soaps,  Digho designed my logo and my labels.  When I decided my Sugar Scrubs needed a new look, I took a trip to visit them.

Digho 1
Diane is explaining my options for a waterproof label. I wanted to keep the look of the vellum strip and they had some great ideas.
Digho 2
Deciding how long the new label should be.
Digho 3
Maria thinks if we make them a little shorter I will have an easier time attaching them to the jar.
These two women are each incredibly talented in their own right.  Put them together and what a dynamo team! I know their design work have taken the look of my soaps and products up a notch. Pictures of the new scrub labels will follow shortly!Yours in Gratitude,


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