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Favorite Business Blogs of the Top Beauty Leaders

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, August, 12th, 2015 in Business, Odds & Ends, Soaps.

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Have you ever wondered what blogs to be read? I don’t know about you, but my time is limited. There are a gazillion blogs on the internet, all claiming to help make your business better. Ever wonder what everyone else reads? Especially those entrepreneurs you admire? I sure did, so I asked a few of the top beauty leaders what their favorite business blogs are. It’s interesting how many of them overlap. So once you’re finished making your products, check out a few of these blogs.

Anne Marie Faiola-  Brambleberry
Lucky Break Blog
Inc Magazine Blog
Indie Business Network Blog
Zen Habits blog
Life Hacker blog

Roberta Perry-  Scrubz
The Middle Finger Project by Ash Ambirge and Shankman byPeter Shankman are my favorites. I love Paul Jarvis, and Big Mouth Marketing, as well as Seth Godin

Alana Rivera- Etta and Billie
I am a fan of Lucky Break Consulting, Design*Sponge Biz Ladies, and Renegade Craft Fair Blog Business Series.

Joan Morais- Joan Morais Naturals
This sounds counter intuitive since I write a blog and enjoy writing it, but, I seldom read blogs. I am an avid book reader. I am usually reading 2-3 books at the same time. The business books I am reading now are, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins.

Charlene Simon- Bathhouse Soapery
One of my favorite business blogs is called “The Middle Finger Project”, it’s for business owners who don’t do boring. It’s full of innovative and real life ways to think about and grow your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Donna Maria- Indie Business Network

Lori Nova Endres- The Nova Studio
I don’t have a lot of free time to read blogs these days. But when I do have some, I like to check in with Donna Maria at the Indie Business Network. There, I can always find inspiration, useful business tips, links to great videos and podcasts, and all kinds of helpful resources. I refer students to it all the time.

Debbie May- Wholesales Supplies Plus
I like blogs that are thought provoking and don’t try to sell me something. Inc. and Forbes tend to be my “go to” places. Once I read about a topic that is interesting, I research it more in depth for balance. I am currently reading books that are biographies illustrating higher purpose and perseverance.

Do you have a favorite blog that didn’t make this list? Please share below so we all can benefit.


Yours in Gratitude,


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14 responses to “Favorite Business Blogs of the Top Beauty Leaders”

  1. Great post Angela, with some great resources too. I am aware of most of them but see some new ones too. Thanks for including the Indie Business Network blog.

    • Thank you for participating Donna Maria. There were many blogs many that I didn’t know about and now read. I have to say I’ve always been a reader of the Indie Business blog and noticed that many of the others are too. Looks like I’m in good company!

  2. Great post Angela,
    I already subscribe to a few of these – but like you I was unaware of many. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ann S. says:

    Thanks for the list! I don’t have much time to add in too many, but I will definitely be checking these out.

  4. What a fun blog- so creative!

  5. Roberta says:

    Thanks for including my favorites. LOVE them and many of the other ones, too!

  6. Anne-Marie says:

    Thank you for including me in this list. There are some great blog mentions here – and some new ones to add to my reading list =)

  7. Awesome list~ thanks so much for sharing!

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