Alegna Soap Gratitude List Gratitude doesn’t take a vacation, but I do

Gratitude doesn’t take a vacation, but I do

By Angela Carillo on Monday, May, 2nd, 2016 in Gratitude List.

Me and Luke

Gratitude doesn’t take a vacation, but I do. I spent this past week in San Diego with my husband, my son and his family. We rented a house on the bay side of Mission Beach. Brian and Steve were there for Vengo business and had to work during the day. Steve and his family left on Tuesday, and I had a few days to wander the beach while Brian worked.

I’m grateful for the 3 days I had with my daughter-in-law Lisa and my grandson Luke. Lisa let me hold Luke the whole time. I hadn’t seen him in 5 weeks. Luke had some serious grandma bonding time.

I’m grateful I was able to get some really great Alegna Soap pictures for my Photo Friday blog. I like to bring my soaps on vacation and take shots in unusual places. There were some interesting plants and rock formations in San Diego that I can’t find on Long Island. And a few soap-beach videos

I’m grateful that Erin of Naiad Soap Art was able to meet me one morning for breakfast. Once I knew I was going to San Diego, I asked around to find soap makers in the area that I could connect with.  Erin and I had breakfast at The Mission and it was great to hear about her soap company. If you know me, you know how much I love talking soap.

I’m grateful for the quality time with my husband. Being away from each other for 5 weeks made the both of us appreciate each other again. We talked about making some healthy changes when we are home.

I’m grateful for all the walking I did that will hopefully counter balance all the eating I did. I love Mexican food and in San Diego we kept finding great places to try. So every morning and every evening I stepped outside the back door on to the boardwalk and walked.

I’m grateful my daughter Elaine didn’t go into labor while we were away. I am anxiously awaiting the birth of another grandson.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,



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4 responses to “Gratitude doesn’t take a vacation, but I do”

  1. Perfection in a blog post!

  2. Hi Angela, Good for you for taking a vacation, sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I’m SO glad you got to connect with Erin… she’s one of my favorite people. And I love how you’re blogging about gratitude! That was the topic I blogged about last week for my Book Blab & Study Group and I just started making my own personal gratitude list. Wonderful to see the practice that you’ve come up with for yourself. 🙂

    • Thanks Lori! I had such a wonderful time with Erin. She was telling me about your Book Blab & Study Group and showed me the book you are all reading. I have it on my summer reading list now.

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