Alegna Soap Gratitude List Gratitude List 4.27.15

Gratitude List 4.27.15

By Angela Carillo on Monday, April, 27th, 2015 in Gratitude List.
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Gratitude List 4.27.15

Elle Party

1. I am grateful we all arrived home safe after Elaine and Leo’s wedding

2. I am grateful I was able to “Pay it Forward” and help out the girl sitting next to me on the train. She didn’t have time to buy a ticket before getting on and I treated her to a trip since I had purchased a ten trip ticket.

3. I am grateful that Marla from Back Porch Soap came to NYC and we were able to get together. The last few times she has been here, the weather was so awful I had a hard time getting into the city.

4. I am especially grateful for the margaritas with Marla at the end of a long week of teaching classes.

5. I am grateful for the opportunity to make soaps with Elle and her friends at her birthday party.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,


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