Alegna Soap Gratitude List Gratitude List 5.19.14

Gratitude List 5.19.14

By Angela Carillo on Monday, May, 19th, 2014 in Gratitude List.
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Gratitude List 5.19.14

Garage sale items

1. I am grateful for my ability to walk. The other day I saw a man in a wheelchair with no legs from the knees down.

2.I am grateful for my home. I walked through Penn Station late Thursday night and counted 12 homeless men sleeping on the ground.

3. I am grateful I was able to spend Saturday with my parents and sisters at Old Westbury Gardens.

4. I am grateful for the stash I found at a garage sale. A Twilight book for my friend Jess, a pillow for my hubby, and a cheese slicer cut thin soap slices. The total was $5.00

5. I am grateful for Leslie at Absolute Yoga who reminded us during class to ask before speaking “Is it true, is it kind and does it have to be said now?”


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,




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