Alegna Soap Gratitude List Gratitude List 8.12.13

Gratitude List 8.12.13

By Angela Carillo on Monday, August, 12th, 2013 in Gratitude List.
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Gratitude List 8.12.13

This week my gratitude list has a theme. A few months ago, my husband found out the company he was working for was moving across the country at the end of the year. We had a choice to make, relocate with the job or stay on Long Island and try to find work here. We choose to stay.  Brian was able to find a job, but at a pay cut. He starts his new job today. Here is my gratitude list.

Bri 2

1. Brian has found a job that he believes he will enjoy
2. We are able to remain where we are, geographically close to both of our families
3. I will be able to dazzle my husband with my money saving skills
4. We will be eating healthier since we will be cooking and not be going out to eat that often
5. This job has less pressure and Brian will have more time to slow down and do some things he enjoys…like spend more time with me!

What are you grateful for this week?

Yours in Gratitude,

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