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Long Island Indies

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, December, 3rd, 2014 in Soaps.
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Long Island Indies

LI Indie Collage


I didn’t know what to expect. Our first meeting was on a Sunday afternoon at a Panera centrally located on Long Island. There were four of us at that first meeting. Within another month, there were two more. Officially, there are eleven members on Long Island that belong to the Indie Business group, but the six of us are what I think of as the core members. We meet or conference call monthly. We celebrate successes and lend a shoulder to soften the disappointments, in our personal and business lives. We’ve become friends. We are the Long Island Indies.

Collaborating with these women has done more for my business than anything I can think of. We share marketing ideas and business strategies. We place orders together so we can get bulk prices and save on shipping. We pass opportunities on to one another. If I took the time to list the positive effect they have had on Alegna Soap, this blog post would be too long. To be honest, when one of my friends has something wonderful happen in their business, my gut response is jealousy. Instead of concentrating on that feeling, I choose to celebrate with her, as she has celebrated my successes in the past. The jealousy quickly fades away into genuine happiness. There is a time for each of us and there is enough for all of us. The Indie Motto is “A rising tide lifts all ships” (Thanks Donna Maria!) and I believe it’s true. I want you to hear in their own words what this group means to them.


Roberta Perry Scrubz Body Scrub Inc. 

To me, there is nothing like the generous and genuine support we all give to one another. Yes, we are in business for ourselves, but then again, we are not. We are part of a greater whole and that gives us more information, more guidelines, more validation, let alone pathways and ideas to better business.  More importantly, we get special friendships and understanding from our cool, hand-making 1% of the population.


Jen Wojcieski In2ition Inc. Being an Indie member in our Long Island group has been beneficial for my growth in business.  The ideas and knowledge that is shared helps to sprout new ideas that can only propel you to the next level.  Having a support group with other entrepreneurs who have begun or are beginning businesses while still in another career or job provides comraderie.”


Roslyne Johnson Maya India I treasure the opportunity to meet with my LI Indie Sisters in person and celebrate our accomplishments. We are all at different points in our businesses, so it’s helpful to brainstorm about issues we may be struggling with and receive constructive feedback from a group of respected women business owners. I have lived on Long Island for the better part of my life and I am proud to say MayaIndia products are handmade right here on Long Island. I enjoy being able to share information with others who understand the nuances of our area and I love the camaraderie. My LI Indie Sisters ROCK!”

Anne Marie Esposito Sparklefly Candles   I gather an AMAZING amount of strength and inspiration from my Long Island Indie Business Network Group.  These are the most fantastic women in the business to brainstorm and work with.  We all share openly our strengths with each other to benefit the whole.  We do not see each other as the competition but as a family of success, a sisterhood.  Running a business can sometimes be a lonely place, but being part of this group, I never feel alone. It has served as mentor, counselor, critic, cheerleader and more.

Christine Laureano   Ba6 Botanicals LLC   Building a small handmade products business is exciting, but it can also be lonely. There are times where I need a little creative motivation, which can be hard to find in the 4 walls of your business. In come the Indies! My Indie Business (Beauty) Network sisters have become invaluable to me! We each have our own gifts, wisdom and know-how in business and when someone gets “stuck”, needs help with marketing & PR or a new idea for expanding business reach, we’re there for each other. I can count on my Indie sisters to help and mastermind with me and keep me moving forward!


I am so honored to call this group of powerful and supportive women my friends.


Yours in Gratitude,


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