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Long Island Soap Making Classes

By Angela Carillo on Tuesday, April, 21st, 2015 in Soap Making Classes, Soaps.

Long Island Soap Making Classes

I enjoy sharing my love of soap making with others. I hold Long Island soap making classes in my studio in Bethpage. We first talk about safety issue using lye, where to get soap making equipment and how to use an online lye calculator. Then we get down to business and make soap. Since the class is small, everyone has a chance to safely handle the lye and mix the soap. After pouring the soap into molds, my students have a choice of how to decorate and personalize their soap. I have many additives for them to individualize their soaps.

Kris soap

Kris added oatmeal to this soap she made.

Kris soap 2

This soap has a body safe glitter and some crushed apricot seeds on top.

Soshanna soap

Here you can see Soshanna’s soap with many different additives. Some calendula, some coffee grinds, and more oatmeal. It seems the oatmeal is a favorite.

Soap decorating 2

Kim used soap embeds to decorate her soap. I made the embeds a few days before the class.


If you took a class with me, how would you decorate your soap?


Yours in Gratitude,


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4 responses to “Long Island Soap Making Classes”

  1. Nirit says:

    Looks interesting.
    I like the look if marbled and rainbow soap.

  2. Kinjal says:

    Hi I am interested in attending a class ..when is your next class?

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