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My Soap Studio

By Angela Carillo on Friday, March, 22nd, 2013 in Soaps.
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My soap studio

I thought you might like a look into my soap studio. I enjoy showing it off.

My soap studio 1

This is the stainless steel table I purchased off Craigslist and where I make my soap.

My soap studio 2

This is where the soaps sit for 48 hours in the molds

My soap studio 3

Here are the drying racks my dad built for me. The soap sits here for 4 weeks to cure

My soap studio 4

Once it has finished curing, I label and wrap here. And for those of you who spot the Everclear on the shelf, it’s not for drinking. It’s for perfume making.

My soap studio 6

More drying racks and where I keep orders that are going out.

My soap studio 7

A shelving unit where I keep my supplies, molds and batches ready to be made. My husband helps me pour the organic olive oil into washed and dried orange juice containers so I can pour it easily.

My soap studio 8

My desk area for computer work and the dreaded QuickBooks.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Yours in Gratitude,

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