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My Teaching Assistant Bag

By Angela Carillo on Friday, April, 12th, 2013 in Soaps.
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My Teaching Assistant bag

I have lots of bags.  I have a pocketbook, a yoga bag, a lap top bag, a beach bag, an evening bag (not that I need one too often!), a travel bag, an indoor craft fair bag, and an outdoor one.  But one of my favorite bags is what I call my “Marla” bag, or my TA bag.  If you read one of my previous post, you can see that I travel to the city to help Marla with her Bath & Body University. I find it helpful to have this bag packed and when she has a class, I just grab my bag and go.  I keep it filled with everything I’ll need to help Marla and her students.

TA bag

In this bag I keep

Dawn dish washing detergent-the only soap that will clean up all those rich oils and butters
Rubber gloves-to protect my hands from the raw soap
Masking tape-to label things once they are weighed out
Apron (from the Handcrafted Soap Guild, of course!)
Ziploc bags
Plastic grocery bags-in case someone needs a bag to carry home all the goodies they made
Paper towels-for spills
Terry cloth towels-to dry glassware
Hair clip-to keep my hair out of my face and out of the product we are making
Extra pens and pencils-there is always one or two people in class who forget to bring them

I like having everything in one place, it makes things simpler, don’t you think?

Yours in Gratitude,

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