Alegna Soap Perfumes Natural Perfuming – Fougere Workshop

Natural Perfuming – Fougere Workshop

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, April, 15th, 2015 in Perfumes.

Natural Perfume – Fougere Workshop

Herbal Alchemy Fougere class

This past Sunday I did it again. I took 2 trains and 2 subways into Brooklyn to attend Herbal Alchemy’s Fougere Workshop. A Fougere is a perfume built around oakmoss, lavender and a coumarin note. It has an herbaceous note and is meant to smell like the forest floor.

 Fougere material

Julianne started the class by passing around different Fougere perfumes so we could smell them. Once we finished our first task was to make our own Fougere. I started with sandlewood, oakmoss and tonka bean for my base notes, added lavender, clary sage, rose and jasmine for my middle notes and finished it with more lavender, tangerine and pettigrain. It did smell like a forest to me, green and herb like.

Herbal Alchemy Fougere class

Once we were done we smelled each others perfumes. I find it amazing that we all chose from the same base materials, we all used oakmoss, lavender and a coumarin note, yet all of our perfumes smelled very different. Next we learned about the different types of Fougeres and we each chose one to make. I was deciding between an oriental and an amber Fougere, and decided to go with the amber. I used some vanilla in my base along with oakmoss and hay, added lavender, rose, jasmine and tarragon for my middle notes and used pettigrain and rosewood for the top. I wondered if the tarragon was a risk and Julianne agreed with me, we weren’t sure if it would go well. I decided I was there to learn and take chances so I added it. I have to say I really liked the result. It added a little spicy kick to it.

Herbal ALchemy bottles

Julianne’s classes are in her home. It is filled with an eclectic mix of bottles, perfuming material and books.

Herbal Alchemy samples

She keeps her perfume samples in beautiful dishes.

Herbal Alchemy Perfumes

And of course, her perfumes are beautiful.


Yours in Gratitude,



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8 responses to “Natural Perfuming – Fougere Workshop”

  1. Julianne says:

    Thanks, Angela, for such kind words and for being such an uplifting presence in class! Thanks for making the long trip out to Brooklyn. You made beautiful perfumes!

  2. Chris says:

    What a great article I wish I could smell all the wonderful scents through my computer!

  3. Donna says:

    Sounds lovely. I love playing with scent. Are you going to use any of these in your soaps?

    • I won’t use the exact scents in my soaps Donna, but I do use the knowledge I’m learning when I make blends. I know that learning about the proportions of base to middle to top notes and about intensity of strength has helped my blending abilities for my soaps.

  4. Cindy Jones says:

    Though I am not much of blender myself, I love natural perfumes. As a lavender grower though I think I’ll play around more with lavender based blends.

    • I was surprised at how many different scents lavender can have. The essential oil smells different than the absolute and the oils even smell different depending on where the lavender was grown. I’d love to smell your lavender. I haven’t had much success growing myself.

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