Alegna Soap Soaps NYC Soapmaking class

NYC Soapmaking class

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, July, 31st, 2013 in Soaps.
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NYC Soapmaking class

I’ve taught soap making for a while now, but always in really small groups.  Like one-on-one, and in my own home. This past Saturday on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was my first time teaching a large class and at outside location. What a great group of women for my first NYC soapmaking class!

NYC soap class 1
Measuring the lye
NYC soap class 2
Adding the lye to the water
NYC soap class 3
Adding the lye water to the oils
NYC soap class 4
Class picture
Maureen Harris of Heaven Scent Beauty was my assistant and she kept me on tract. It was so much fun I could have easily lost track of time. I can’t wait till next time!
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