Alegna Soap Soaps Peppermint Scrub Soap Story

Peppermint Scrub Soap Story

By Angela Carillo on Friday, February, 21st, 2014 in Soaps.
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Peppermint Soap Story

This is the second soap of mine I’ve chosen to write about. February is all about Peppermint Scrub Soap.

Peppermint Scrub in Jewelery

Peppermint Scrub is my best selling soap. When I first made it, I was trying for a soap that would help me look forward to getting out of bed and into the shower every morning. Peppermint is such an invigorating scent, I decided to leave it alone and not blend it with another essential oil. The crushed apricot seeds were added for exfoliation and because they just feel good against my skin.. The comments below are from my customers. I think I’ll let them speak for the soap.


Your Peppermint soap, I love, Love, LOVE that soap. Amanda

“The peppermint scrub is my favorite because to me, it’s more than a soap.  The scent boosts my energy and lifts mood, and the little “scrubbies” feel great against my skin. It’s my go-to whenever I need a little physical (or mental) pick me up!” J

Love these soaps. My skin never felt dried out, and the fragrances were just right. The peppermint scrub is a great wake up for the morning.”   Joann

I need my Peppermint Scrub shower as much as I need my morning coffee. Alan

Please send me 6 bars of your Peppermint Scrub soap, I’m down to my last bar and I don’t want to run out. Love that soap. My skin no longer itches, and the smell wakes me up. Thanks ~ Maria S.

Please don’t ever discontinue your peppermint scrub soap, I love it! Terri F.


No worries Terri, I have no plans to ever stop making Peppermint Scrub Soap!

Yours in Gratitude,




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