Alegna Soap Photo Friday Soaps Photo Friday 6.26.15

Photo Friday 6.26.15

By Angela Carillo on Friday, June, 26th, 2015 in Photo Friday, Soaps.
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Photo Friday 6.26.15

Alegna Soap Limited Edition

Colorful Eucalyptus Limited Edition Soap

I like making Limited Edition Soaps because I get to try out new colors, scents and techniques. This is a Limited Edition eucalyptus soap with blue, yellow and purple micas. I did an in-the-pot-swirl for this design. When I make soaps, I usually try to pair the scent with the color of the soap. (Piper is scented with lavender and orange, so I planned the soap around the color orange, Lily is mint and lavender and was based on the color green.) Most people associate eucalyptus with the color green. I thought it might be fun to use some unexpected colors. It catches people off guard and surprises them. They pick it up, smell it and aren’t quite sure of the scent.

Do you like to be surprised?


Yours in Gratitude,


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