Alegna Soap Photo Friday Soaps Photo Friday 7.24.15

Photo Friday 7.24.15

By Angela Carillo on Friday, July, 24th, 2015 in Photo Friday, Soaps.
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Photo Friday 7.24.15

Alegna Soap sugar scrub

Alegna Soap Lavender Lemongrass sugar scrub


I’m really mostly a soap maker, but I do make a few other products I sell.  I love sugar scrubs because they make my skin feel so smooth after I use them.  This is because they exfoliate your skin. Once or twice a week use a manual scrub like a sugar or salt scrub or a brush to remove the dead cells from your skins surface. If you use a brush remember to use a moisturizer after. If you use my sugar scrub, you won’t have to. Once you wash away the sugar, a thin film of the organic oils will be left on your skin to help keep it soft.

This picture is of my Lavender Lemongrass sugar scrub. My favorite scent! I also make a Peppermint scrub and a Lavender scrub. Which is your favorite?


Yours in Gratitude,


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