Alegna Soap Photo Friday Soaps Photo Friday 7.3.15

Photo Friday 7.3.15

By Angela Carillo on Friday, July, 3rd, 2015 in Photo Friday, Soaps.
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Photo Friday 7.3.15

Jessica Merkel photo of Alegna Soap

A Jessica Merkel photo

I met Jessica Merkel at the Sea Cliff Mini Mart 2 years ago.She was wearing a large camera around her neck and I asked if she would take a few pictures in return for some of my soap. I thought she was studying photography, but she said it was just a hobby. She enjoyed taking pictures and was in college studying Psychology. She took a few pictures for me, this is one of them. These are some of my Limited Edition soaps. Sometimes I like to play around when I make soap and make something different. The soap on the far left is my Vampire Soap. It bleeds red and if you look down in your tub when showering it looks like the shower scene in the movie Psycho. The soap in the middle and on the right I made after taking a class with Amanda from Lovin’ Soap. The middle soap started out to be a Peacock Swirl but I changed it up a bit.  I wanted to see what other designs could be made once the basic setup is done. The soap on the right is a Landscape Soap with the ground, grass, sky, clouds and sun. I love all the pictures Jessica took for me, but I’m especially fond of this one.

What do you do or create when you play around?

Yours in Gratitude,


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