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Photo Friday- Alegna Soap & Peace Soap

By Angela Carillo on Friday, August, 7th, 2015 in Photo Friday, Soaps.

Peace and Alegna


I did an event a few months ago and saw my friend Diane of Peace Soap selling her soaps. Even though it means a little competition, I enjoy the shows we do together. We both make bar soap and we both make other products. I do sugar scrubs, lip balms and body balm and Diane does liquid soap.  We’ve been friends for a while now and don’t get to see each other often. Diane has her soaps in a local Whole Foods, so you know they keep her busy.

When we had a lull in customers, we did a mini photo shoot with her Lavender Lemongrass Liquid Soap and my Lavender Lemongrass Sugar Scrub. A few months ago, Diane gifted me with a bottle of her soap. I keep it in my kitchen. I’ve made liquid soap, but prefer to make bar soap so I was happy when she gave it to me. When someone asks me to make a liquid soap, I refer them to Diane.

Do you prefer bar or liquid soap?


Yours in Gratitude,


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10 responses to “Photo Friday- Alegna Soap & Peace Soap”

  1. Tammy says:

    I love both bar & liquid soap. I’ve been making bar soap for 13 years and just now getting ready to add liquid soap to my line.
    Love the photo!

    • Thanks for sharing Tammy. I’ve made liquid soap before but I don’t want to add it to my line. I love being able to send my customers to another maker for something they want and I don’t have.

  2. Donna DeRosa says:

    I like liquid and bar soaps. I use them both in the shower at different times. I also like the camaraderie you two have. It’s nice to see women entrepreneurs supporting each other.

  3. Lovely picture. I also like both liquid and bar soaps. Liquid is great when you just need a little fingertip wash!

  4. Gay says:

    I’ve always preferred liquid soaps but since my introduction to Alegna Soaps I think I’m converting! The designs are so fun, the soaps so pure and lasting and the production filled with TLC by Angela!

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