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Self Care

By Angela Carillo on Monday, January, 23rd, 2017 in Gratitude List.

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Last Tuesday I felt a cold coming on. Before it got too bad I decided to practice some self care.  I took the day off from my day job. I slept late and drank lots of fluids. I read a book, napped and made soup for dinner. By the end of the day I felt better and the cold I felt coming on sort of petered out. I feel fine now. I’m grateful I listened to my body and took care of myself.

I’m so grateful for FaceTime on my iPhone. I love being able to see my grandson in Virginia by dialing a number. Elaine says he tries to eat the phone when we are talking but I know he is grabbing for her phone because he wants to kiss me. 🙂  I love watching him laugh. He knows my voice and claps his hands when I ask him to. Spending time on the phone with him is self care too.

January is a slow month for Alegna Soap®. Although I do enjoy the downtime, I’m grateful that this week I received custom orders for 3 different events, 2 bridal showers and one christening. January is a good month for taking time to play around with soap and come up with new scents and colors and remember why I started making soap in the first place. To have fun learning something new. And I’m thinking that’s another form of self care.

Sitting down to write this every week is also my self care. Thinking about all the things I’m grateful for makes me feel good. And who doesn’t want that?


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,




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4 responses to “Self Care”

  1. I always love your posts, you seem to always find the positive. Your story about your grandson makes me laugh and I am thrilled that you have some orders to work on.

  2. Donna says:

    I’m glad your feeling better. Self-care is so important. I love the photo.

    • Thanks Donna. I love that photo too. Janine Horan spent a day with me taking pictures. She is studying photography and was gracious enough to take some photos. Once her website is up, I’ll devote a blog to her.

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