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Soap Conference day 2

By Angela Carillo on Tuesday, May, 15th, 2012 in Soaps.
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Soap Conference Day 2

Here is the email to my friends of my second day at the Soap Conference.

ann evenston

Hi All,

The day starts out great. It ends even better.  Two really great workshops with phenomenal speakers. (Diane Hunke of Essential Wholesale and Ann Evanston) Then lunch and more workshops. One of the speakers I really liked, Ann Evanston, said she was doing an impromptu Twitter thingie in the hotel bar. This was not part of the conference. I had a decision to make. Do a workshop on photography and copy writing, or drink at 3 in the afternoon and have fun tweeting with a really cool lady and some new friends. So I get out of character and have a margarita, learn more about social networking , laugh so much it hurts, and make some really great connections. This continues through the “Dinner Extravaganza” with more drinks, laughs and tweets. The. Best. Day. Ever.

Yours in Gratitude,

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