Alegna Soap Business Gratitude List Support a Small Business Without Spending a Dime

Support a Small Business Without Spending a Dime

By Angela Carillo on Monday, May, 21st, 2018 in Business, Gratitude List.

Alegna Soap® Support a Small Business Without Spending a Dime


I’m grateful for everyone who purchases a bar of soap from me. By supporting my small business, you allow me to do what I love. Did you know you can also help without making a purchase? I’d like to give you some ways to support a small business without spending a dime.


Social Media

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever the next new social media platform is, follow a small business. Like and share their posts. Comment on it.  Hop in on a Facebook live event. The more you interact on any social media platform with a small business, the more that other people will see it the post. The algorithms on these platforms keep changing and it’s hard to keep up.  Help your favorite small business to reach other people.



If your favorite small business has a blog, post a comment they can respond to.  Ask a question, comment on the picture, raise an interesting point. By all means, if you use a product in the blog, compliment it in the comments.  Ask them to write about a topic you’re interested in.  We want to know what you want to read about. Share the blog too.  This is good for the Google Gods and can help the small business boost their ranking.



If you previously bought a product from a small business, write them a review. A personalized one is best, but short one is better than not writing at all. When someone buys online, it can be difficult not being able to touch, smell and feel the item.  Reviews let others know you are happy with your purchase.  The reader will feel more confident about buying from that small business.


I’m grateful this week for all of you who purchase my soaps.  I’m also grateful for those of you who share my posts and events, comment on my blogs and write reviews.  I know how blessed I am for all your support. Thank you.


Yours in Gratitude,



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8 responses to “Support a Small Business Without Spending a Dime”

  1. Katherine says:

    I love this! 🙌
    with algorithms on all social media platforms becoming strict, making a name for yourself online is becoming crazy difficult! Having a tribe of people who can support us and uplift us in our business speaks louder than monetary contribution.

  2. Cindy Jones says:

    Yes, let’s shout this to the world!

  3. I like this idea, it is important to support small businesses in the local area so that our neighborhood will continue to thrive.

  4. I’m grateful for you!

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