Alegna Soap Gratitude List Taking Care of Myself

Taking Care of Myself

By Angela Carillo on Monday, April, 17th, 2017 in Gratitude List.

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I’m so grateful for my healthy body, but lately I have a lousy way of showing it. My day job is busy and Alegna Soap® is growing.  Managing my limited amount of time has caused me to make some poor food choices and skip my usual exercise routine. I haven’t been taking care of myself


I was speaking with a co-worker about her issue with her siblings and the care of their dad. She said she was sick of hearing that they were busy and had very little time to help her. That you make time for what is important to you and her dad was clearly not important to them.  This is so true. When my son and his wife wanted to go away I quickly cleared my schedule to watch my grandson for 2 days.


Why is that so hard to apply to my self care? I say I’ll take that yoga class tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, there is another thing I have to do so I skip it again. I say I’ll do some meal prep next week, I can’t get to it now. And I end up grabbing something not too nutritious to eat.


I’m grateful for my healthy body and I don’t want to take advantage of it. I turned 60 this year and I don’t bounce back as easily as I did when I was younger. I’m trying to make some changes, I told my mom and sisters that we are all prepping meals during our weekly Saturday afternoon visits. I decided to take a short walk outside after eating my lunch at my day job.   These are good ideas but not enough. Does anyone have any other tips for me? How can I remember to put my health first and take care of myself? I know what I need to do, I just can’t seem to do it. I’d really be grateful for some tips.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,



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8 responses to “Taking Care of Myself”

  1. Food choices are easy if you prep ahead of time. Have vegetables, fruit, natural almonds and hard boiled eggs available for a quick snack.
    Add whole grains to your diet. I make farro early in the week then add it to my salads. It is filled with fiber which will keep you feeling full. Exercise is easy.
    Do a plank or squat for a minute here and there, it adds up. Brushing your teeth, cooking dinner and yes even making soap. Squats are easy and work a lot of your muscles at one time.
    Even writing this post can be done at a counter with leg lifts and stretches high into the air behind you.
    There is always a little time to add something that is important and health is very important. You can do it if you just send your mind to it.

    • That’s so true about food prep. If I’m hungry I find I just grab what’s available and eat it. That’s why I asked my mom and sisters if we can prep together, it’ll be more fun that way. And I like the idea of doing some exercises here and there. I’ll start to incorporate them into my day.

      Is farro similar to quiona Sharon?

  2. Donna DeRosa says:

    I use an app called Stand Up that I set to go off every hour on my phone (during working hours). It’s meant to remind you to stand up and not sit all day. But you can change the message. So I use it to remind myself to stand up, do 5 squats and 5 plies. I keep adding to it. This week I am adding 5 pushups. By the end of the work day I’ve done each of these things 40 times.

  3. Lydia Brown says:

    When I was working I would eat the worst food but eat healthy at home. Then I read about preparing my food for the week and ordered these healthy portion control bowls. To stay active every how I get of the computer put on my favorite walking music and have fun with fitbit challenges. I’m a caregiver and I almost forgot to take care of myself. Started getting sick now I have redirected myself. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m truly excited about all the tips I’ve been getting. This morning I did some squats while blow-drying my hair. And I agree about the food prep Lydia. I think that’s probably the most important part of eating healthy. I don’t want to wait until I’m getting sick to redirect myself. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Paula says:

    Hi there
    I use an ap called Headspace … first 10 days are free. It helps me de-stress a bit by “taking ten” for myself . Guided meditation you can do anywhere . Sometimes I pull off the road , put my flashers on snd “take 10” for me .
    It’s easy to be a miracle woman for every one but forget to take care of yourself – physically and mentally . Hard to stay in the moment .
    Physically , I set my fit bit to make sure I am am waking 250 steps an hour . I stand at my desk at lot and take walk about breaks . Park your car as far as you can in the lot to force yourself to walk more. Use stairs instead of elevators … trick yourself .A BIG 911- stay hydatated . I only drink water – at least 6 bottles a day .(coffee does not count)
    We are a work in progress .
    Oh – and I make an appointment oh my phone to take a walk . I had to schedule it Like a class to finally get on program .
    One help with food – detox your house of munch junk food- if you don’t buy it you can’t eat it .
    I keep all natural bars in my car when I have to eat so I don’t grab junk .
    All the tips you receivered are helpful to me too , so thanks
    I have been doing knee bends for years when I brush my teeth – it really does make a difference.
    Love ❤️

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