Alegna Soap Soaps Teaching soapmaking to Chemistry students

Teaching soapmaking to Chemistry students

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, May, 23rd, 2012 in Soaps.
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Teaching soapmaking to Chemistry students

I was asked to teach some chemistry students how to make soap this week.  I was in their classroom two days, first to make the soap and the next day to cut it.The students were able to take the recipe I used and calculate the molarity of the sodium hydroxide solution (9.2 Molar solution), change the ounces of oil used to grams and take the pH of the soap at trace (14).
Marla class and Seth's class 042
I had a great time with these kids.They asked insightful questions and really seemed to enjoy learning about the process. Their soap is now curing for four weeks in the classroom.  I’m told the room smells great and the students are anxious to take their soap home!Yours in Gratitude,


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