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The Thing About Living Near Other Soap Makers

By Angela Carillo on Monday, October, 16th, 2017 in Gratitude List, Soaps.

I live on Long Island and I live near many other soap makers. The thing about living near other soap makers can be complicated. I can be at any event and I know I will meet a few other soap makers there. In fact, since I teach soap making classes on Long Island, some of them may be former students. On one hand, it means lots of competition.  That’s truly the only down side to me, so I choose to look at it differently. I see a lot of opportunity to meeting other soap makers. I believe that the more people who understand that handcrafted soap is better for your skin, the more business we can all have. I look at other soap makers as more educators on Long Island sharing the wonders of handcrafted soap. We can place orders together to save on shipping.  If I run out of something, I can call up a friend and borrow it. When I run into a problem, there’s always someone nearby to discuss it with. And if I get a huge order and need some help, I have qualified friends lined up.


I met Melissa Peters of What. The. Soap. online.  We both belong to the Indie Business Network. When I realized she lived less than 5 miles away, I stopped by to meet her.


Melissa has a great studio in her home.  It was full of oils infusing and tons of soap.  Melissa uses essential oils and fragrance oils in her soaps.  And color, lots of color.  Her soaps are beautiful.  She was in the middle of wrapping some favors for a Sweet 16, so I didn’t stay very long. But I did get to meet her kids, her husband and….


..her chickens!


I’m grateful I live on Long Island and near other soap makers. I’ve made so many friends.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,


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  1. This is wonderful it helps to be around others with similar interests and goals, I am glad you were able to see her.

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