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Things you may not know about me

By Angela Carillo on Monday, February, 27th, 2017 in Business, Gratitude List, Soaps.

Alegna Soap® Angela Carillo About Me


This is the picture I use for my about page on Alegna Soap®. If you read my About page you can find out that I am a licensed and certified Medical Technologist, as a child I loved my perfume kit and I’ve been making soap for many years.  There are things you may not know about me though. I thought as a way of getting to know each other, I’d share some of them.

Did you know?

I sing when I make soap. Actually, I sing all the time. In the car, in the shower, while I’m cooking.  Usually country music. I’m loud and a little off key. But my husband still thinks I sound great, which is one of the reasons why I love him.

I love chocolate and cheese. But not at the same time.

My library card is the most used card in my wallet. More than my charge card. In fact, it’s been replaced more times than I can tell you because the numbers become unreadable after a while.

On the rare occasion that I get a mani-pedi, I never get nail polish on my fingernails.

I’ve always been a nervous and anxious person. Starting Alegna Soap® was the first step I took out of my comfort zone. A little late in my life but a step in the right direction.

My morning drink is decaffeinated tea with skim milk. Unless I wake up with a headache, and then it’s a little coffee with a ton of sugar and whole milk.

If I had to choose between the beach and mountains, I’d choose mountains.

When I was a child, I twirled my hair. It’s a habit I never grew out of.  Most of the time, I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

I love garage sales and thrift shops. I love the thrill of finding some great treasure for next-to-nothing.

I don’t like beer or wine, and I don’t drink often. I do like a margarita with Mexican food. (On the rocks with no salt)

When I feel stressed out, I organize and make lists. Putting things in order gives me the illusion of control and helps me feel better.

For exercise I like to walk and do yoga, and I don’t do either one enough.

I rarely wear a bracelet or necklace, but I always wear earrings.

I try very hard to see the good in life and to be grateful for everything I have.


Your turn

Now, how about you tell me something I don’t know about you?  Use the comments below. I’d be grateful if you did.


Yours in Gratitude,



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10 responses to “Things you may not know about me”

  1. Angela, very sweet and touching post. You do see the good in life and try to be grateful, I love these posts.

  2. Nancy Cunningham says:

    Angela I didn’t know about the hair twirling but I know you love chocolate. Something about me…favorite food is shrimp in any way cooked like Bubba Gump. Also, I would love to sing really well. I’ll even settle for “on tune” but realize that’s a pretty impossible wish.

    • Watch me carefully at work one day Nancy and you may catch me twirling. Or even singing. And if you heard me sing you you’d know that I’m not on tune either, but I still sing. I think you should too!

  3. Donna Maria says:

    Love this, it’s nice to get to know you better. I am a list maker, like you. For me, beach over mountains all day long. 🙂

  4. Donna DeRosa says:

    I love this. I’m definitely a list maker and a chocolate lover too. I also sing. When I was a kid I wanted to be an opera singer. I still wonder what would have happened if I had pursued that path.

  5. Gay Bofill says:

    Love this post Angela. I learned some new things about you!
    As for me, I:
    was born in the Bronx and still remember my apartment building address-810 Astor Avenue!
    Love old Broadway musicals (Oliver!, South Pacific, West Side Story)
    Having a daily affair with rice cakes and almond butter
    Secretly wanted to be an actress!
    Love reading your posts!

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