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Time Management

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, January, 13th, 2016 in Business, Soaps.


Time Management

Every time I think I have my time managed, something happens and I’m off course. I realized we can all use more time management skills, so why not learn from the best?

Anne-Marie Faiola, Brambleberry  –  I love Eternity App and track my time to ensure I’m spending my time on the right things. Dave Crenshaw has written a couple time management books and I’m a big fan of his ‘no switch-tasking, batch your tasks’ methodologies after having tried most of the other major thought leaders in this space. Ultimately, I do a hybrid of Crewnshaw mixed with Stephen Covey (‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’) with Sunday night planning and then batching my tasks a la Crenshaw.

Alana Rivera, Etta and Billie – I try my best to block out specific times on my calendar to work on various projects as well as blocking out time off. I find this helps me stay productive and I take less of the “breaks” that turn into hour long journeys down the Pinterest rabbit hole!

Roberta Perry, Scrubz – I am still working on them! 🙂 Stay up late. Wake up early. In all seriousness, pick the 3 main things you want to accomplish on your list and just DO them!

Joan Morais, Joan Morais Naturals – Each morning before I begin my day I write down what I want to accomplish that day. I do this on a yellow pad of paper. I write down what I want to do in the business and my personal life. As I go about my day I continually refer to my list and check off the items I completed. This system is very effective for me and it saves a lot of time. I don’t have to clutter my mind with the tasks I want to accomplish and I don’t forget about them. If there are any tasks I didn’t complete I rewrite them for the next day. It creates focus and vision. These small steps take me to where I want to go.

Allison Vought, Alimar LLC – I am a big believer in list-making. I start each week with a list split into three parts: 1. Critical 2. Important 3. Reminder. I schedule 30 minute increments throughout the workday where I can focus on one task from each of the three groups, with a focus on anything that is “Critical”. Google Calendar reminders help me stay on task.”

Alyssa Middleton, Bath and Body Academy –  I’m a huge fan of lists – they’re the only thing that keeps my day on track, managing 3 businesses and a family. I’m up early to get my workout in (otherwise it won’t get done) and then I start my workday tackling the biggest/most daunting item on my to do list for the day. I also use the down time in the school car rider line as dedicated email/social media time. It helps keep me from going down the rabbit hole of social media and my emails are shorter and to the point. I’m quite a talker, so emailing on my phone helps me stay on point and keep replies short.

Rachael Winard, Soapwalla –  I’m a big proponent of being prepared before I start a project. There’s a French cooking term – mise en place — which literally means ‘put in place.’ Basically, mise en place is the idea that everything has a place, and if you get everything prepped before embarking on your project (production, shipping, labeling, etc.), you will save yourself time and energy. We implement this concept everywhere we can in the studio. This is a good piece on the concept.


Some really great ideas here, don’t you think?


Yours in Gratitude,


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8 responses to “Time Management”

  1. Donna says:

    Good ideas here! I am a huge fan of lists. I keep a Master List of every single thing I can think of that needs doing around the house and yard so I don’t forget! (these are not high priority chores) If I have spare time available, I pick a chore from that list to do that day – like caulk crown molding in one room. Important daily stuff gets written on a huge desk calendar that I have on a table in my office. I check the calendar before I go to bed, so I wake up prepared to tackle the priorities for the day.

  2. Carrie S. says:

    I’m a list gal myself and find that I do really well if I can stick to my schedule where I’ve allotted specific time frames for the areas in my life I need to give attention to. One thing that I’ve become aware of is my need to focus on just one thing at a time, devoting my full attention to that task. As a mom I have some semi-ninja multitasking skills, but I know that those are not the most effective skills to implement for some tasks 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Carrie. I find focusing on one thing difficult. My mind usually tries to race to the next task on my list. It takes effort to bring it back to what I am doing, but some things do need full our attention. I practice that skill many times a day!

  3. says:

    Great post. I love the mise en place method.

  4. Joan Morais says:

    All of these have a common thread, to log what needs to get done and do them, The thought and then the action. Thanks for sharing all these helpful tips!

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