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Victoria's Science Project

By Angela Carillo on Friday, March, 8th, 2013 in Soaps.
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Victoria’s science project

Victoria is a student at Holy Trinity High School.  She told me she had a science project and she wasn’t sure what to do for it. I suggested she do a project on the different properties of oils in soap making. She decided to focus on lather. We made two batches of soap, one was a pure olive oil soap and the other was a blend of olive, coconut and palm.  Victoria gave samples of each soap to friends and family to wash with, and compiled data by giving them all a questionnaire to answer. She found out that the soap make with the coconut, palm and olive oil produced more bubbles than the soap made only with olive oil.

Victoria 1

Victoria and her science project

Victoria 2

You can see the picture of the two different soaps

Victoria 3

The bar graph showing her results

Victoria 4

The two of us, after we finished making the soaps


I think Victoria enjoyed this science project and I know I enjoyed working with her. Victoria I see amazing things for you in your future! You rock!

Yours in Gratitude,

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