Alegna Soap Gratitude List Weekly Gratitude- My Summer

Weekly Gratitude- My Summer

By Angela Carillo on Monday, August, 29th, 2016 in Gratitude List.
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My gratitude this week is for my summer. I head back to my day job on Monday and I spent time reflecting on all I did over the past two months.

I’m grateful I was off and able to accompany Brian to San Diego for his business trip. We went to Balboa Park and the Zoo, ate at fabulous restaurants, and I spent time wandering the city streets checking out the shops while he worked. I enjoy checking out (and supporting) local businesses when I travel.

I’m grateful for the time we spent on Brian’s boat this summer. He enjoys it so much. I’m not a big boater, but I am a big reader and I always have a “badass” book to bring along.

I’m grateful for the time spent with my grandchildren Luke and Brian. They are growing up So fast! They both live more than an hour away from us, so it’s always a big deal when we get to see them.

I’m grateful I had time to stop in to see my parents more often. I love that I had to call them first to make sure they would be home. My dad plays shuffleboard, bowls, and plays cards. My mom volunteers in a thrift shop and they are both active in their senior center. And they also had assorted doctor appointments they needed to go to. Their social calendar seemed fuller than mine.

And I’m especially grateful for all the time I had to prepare Alegna Soap for this coming holiday season.  I started revving up production, organized my studio, tried out some new scent combos and new soaping techniques, and placed my orders for the rest of the year. I generally got a head start on the season. It can get crazy running a business and working full time and if I didn’t have the summer to catch up I don’t think I could pull it off.

I also couldn’t pull it off without a tremendous amount of help from my husband. He takes over writing my newsletter for the next few months, helps me set up and works events with me.  He does my business end stuff (puts together color coordinated Excel spreadsheets, adds classes to my website, drops off packages at the Post Office and files my sales tax to name a few) and complains only when he’s under pressure at work. I’m grateful for Brian.




What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,


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