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What if?

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, August, 5th, 2015 in Odds & Ends, Soaps.


My friend Donna DeRosa wrote a blog post that touched my heart. It’s called The Magic If.  She explains how “If” is a magical word, full of possibilities. She started me thinking.

My days are usually rushed. I run from one task to another. So much Alegna Soap business to attend to. I have a “to-do” list that never ends. To be fair, we all are busy. But what if we weren’t? What if I had time to do the things I wanted? What if you did? What if we gave ourselves 20 minutes a day to pretend we have nothing to do? I decided to challenge myself and find out.

I used the first 20 minutes after I got out of bed. I didn’t wake up early to do try this, I wanted to see if taking 20 minutes away from my usual day would impact the work I had to get done. I had written up my to-do list last night, so I would be ready when the timer went off. I made myself some tea and went into my backyard. Sitting in a lawn chair, I thought about when my kids were younger and how they loved to play in the yard. In the summer I’d give them a bucket of water and a paintbrush and they painted the house. Kept them occupied for hours. So did filling up old ketchup and mustard bottles with water and having water fights.  Back then we had a pool in the yard. Sometimes my girlfriends come over and we’d sit and watch all of our kids playing. I made some really good friends through my children. While my mind wandered I could hear the birds and watch them flying around. The squirrels were running on my fence too. One time in the winter, Brian found a squirrel frozen to the metal drain in the street. We rigged up my blow dryer with 2 extension cords to free him. Brian named him Rocky as he was working. That act defines my husband. He’s such a good soul, he couldn’t let even a squirrel suffer. We ended up taking Rocky to the vet and he didn’t make it.

My timer went off, breaking off my day dreaming. I didn’t get up right away though. I eased my way back to reality. I enjoyed my trek down memory lane. I remembered how much love is in my life as I went back to work. At the end of the day I can say that yes, my work was impacted by the 20 minutes I took to do nothing. I was happier, calmer and was able to accomplish more than usual.

What if you had 20 minutes with nothing to do? What would you do?


Yours in Gratitude,


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10 responses to “What if?”

  1. Tammy says:

    This is wonderful advice, and I loved your stories. I too try to take time each day “to smell the roses”, both figuratively and literally. Sometimes my husband has to remind me to take a break and “do nothing”. I am always much calmer and happier when I do.

  2. Donna DeRosa says:

    Yay, Angela! I love this. I especially love that you didn’t wake up any earlier to do this. You worked this time of ease into your normal day. These small moments can be so impactful in our lives.

    • I have to admit Donna that I thought about waking up earlier but felt that would have been cheating. I’ve also been stopping a few times a day just to take a deep breath. It feels good. Thank you for helping me change my mindset.

  3. Kathy Basso says:

    Congratulations Angela! You just completed your first meditation! Isn’t it wonderful? Keep it going!

  4. Ann Koch says:

    Thank you Angela! What a blessing to take just 20 minutes and connect with memories, nature and peace. I’m doing this!

  5. Joan Morais says:

    This is so true Angela. It is a necessity to me to drink my morning coffee or tea sitting outside watching the birds and the squirrels. I am so grateful I am able to do this.

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