Alegna Soap Gratitude List Focusing on the Good Moments During a Difficult Holiday

Focusing on the Good Moments During a Difficult Holiday

By Angela Carillo on Monday, November, 27th, 2017 in Gratitude List.

Good moments durring a difficult holiday

I’m not gonna lie, this past Thanksgiving was difficult.  It was the last holiday we celebrated with my dad.  November was also when he had his second seizure and decided to have surgery on the tumor in his brain. He died a few days after that surgery. It’s hard to have him not with us, and it’s even harder to watch my mom struggle as she misses him. I’m focusing on the good moments during a difficult holiday, and I’m grateful for all of them.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Virginia at my daughters.  My son came with his family. So did my mom and both my sisters.  We were all together, and this is what I’m most grateful for.  Since the rest of us live in New York, having everyone together is a good moment in my book.


Good moments during a difficult holiday

My daughter cooked a wonderful meal and as always there was plenty of food left over for the next day. My mom got to spend time with both of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and so did I.


I had 2 days to watch my grandsons interact. They mostly parallel played together but seemed to be aware of each other. Both of them are talking up a storm, Luke (the older grandson) says a few more words than Brian, but both are so verbal, even if they are talking gibberish.


There was a little bit of a green eyed monster on occasion (especially when one of us was holding one of them), and it was fun to watch them start to deal with each other.

I know the next few weeks will be hard too. If you have any memories of my dad I’d love for you to share them in the comments below. It will help to keep me focusing on the good moments during a difficult holiday season.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,

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8 responses to “Focusing on the Good Moments During a Difficult Holiday”

  1. Donna DeRosa says:

    Your grandkids are so darn cute! That top picture is precious.

  2. Cindy Jones says:

    Those are hard times indeed. Celebrating new life in the grandkids is great though.

  3. Angela,
    These are wonderful picture and clearly you made some great memories here. I’m so sorry for your loss; this was our first Thanksgiving without my mom, so I can relate. We definitely felt the loss. Having all of you together I’m sure was a great comfort.

  4. Gay Bofill says:

    Hi Angela,
    I am remembering when you and your extended family opened your doors to my family of origin for Thanksgiving. I know my Dad and Iona felt so welcomed to be with all of you. I personally always loved my conversations with your Dad and Mum at family events.. From holidays at your home, to Luke’s first birthday party and more. I am so glad I got to know your father. My husband always called him “Mr. Carillo”, but for some reason your Dad used to let me call him “Dom”. How lucky am I?!

    • I remember that Thanksgiving as an especially good one, my family enjoyed spending time with all of you. I think our dads spent some time talking together that day too. I didn’t know my dad asked you to call him Dom. That’s sweet. Thank you for sharing your memories Gay, it means a lot to me.

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