Alegna Soap Gratitude List Gratitude List- Food, Family and Friends

Gratitude List- Food, Family and Friends

By Angela Carillo on Monday, August, 24th, 2015 in Gratitude List.



This weeks gratitude list has a theme. Food, family and friends. I start back at my day job soon and spent this week catching up and eating with friends.


1. I’m grateful for Monday’s lunch with Donna. We saw each other for dinner with our husbands and another couple a few months ago, but didn’t really get the chance to catch up. I’m grateful we both found a few hours to spend with each other Monday.


2. I’m grateful for drinks and snacks Tuesday night with Marla. Since she moved to Wyoming we don’t get to see each other as often as we did when she lived closer. I miss chatting with her over pomegranate margaritas while eating guacamole, and I’m grateful we were able to meet Tuesday night.


3. I’m grateful for dinner plans Thursday with Barbara, Linda, Rose and Barbara.  The five of us go way back to when our kids were in elementary school and playing soccer together. We started a group text to find a date that worked for all of us.  It wasn’t easy, and I’m grateful we did.


4. I’m grateful for Friday’s lunch with Pat. Pat was my very best friend all through elementary, middle and high school. We try to get together once or twice a year. When we do, we just pick up where we left off.


5. I’m always grateful for Saturday lunch with my sisters and parents. Every week we take 20 minutes to decide if we are ordering a pizza (Dad’s favorite) or Chinese food (mom’s favorite) because it takes us that long to argue about what we had last week.  Then we argue about who will pay for it. This week my sister Lisa decided we were going to a chicken place for wings. My dad cracks corny jokes and my mom rolls her eyes a lot. I was sent home with home grown tomatoes and my dad telling me to be careful driving.  An ordinary Saturday lunch with my family and I’m so grateful for it.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,


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10 responses to “Gratitude List- Food, Family and Friends”

  1. Donna DeRosa says:

    Isn’t it nice to have someone to tell you to be careful driving? That’s so sweet.

    • Donna ever since I got my drivers license each time I leave my parents house he says the same thing. If it’s night time he also tells me to watch my drinking and driving. Funny thing is, he knows I don’t really drink, but he says it anyway. And yes, I love it.

  2. Patricia says:

    What a wonderful week you had! There’s nothing better than enjoying good food with people you love.

  3. Pomegranate margaritas with Marla must have been fun!

  4. Cindy Jones says:

    Love reading these. I’ve got to start following your example and write my gratitudes.

    • I’m glad you started writing down your own gratitude’s Cindy. It helps keep the focus on all that is good in our life. We all have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love this post! Just this morning I realized I hadn’t heard from one particular friend in a long time, and sent her a quick email and some photos. I wish she lived closer, but I’m so grateful we’ve remained friends even though she’s far away. It’s so important to make time for these special people in our lives–you’re so lucky that you were able to catch up with so many of them in a week!

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