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Lace Soap

By Angela Carillo on Wednesday, July, 27th, 2016 in Soaps.

Alegna Soap® Lace Soap

I like to try different soap making techniques. I’ve been making soap for 18 years now, but there is always something to learn. That’s one of the reasons why I collaborate with other soap makers. I decided to try and make a lace soap. There is a talented South African soap maker named Auntie Clara who does some incredible things with soap. I’ve never met her, but I follow her blog.  I wanted to try to recreate her Lace Soap.

First I needed to make a lace mat with pourable silicon.I had already prepped the plastic lace I was using.

Alegna Soap® making silicon mat

My dad and I mix the 2 components together. I bought the pourable silicon at Wholesales Supplies Plus

Alegna Soap® making silicon mat

My dad mixes it the components together. It was on the thick side.

Alegna Soap® making silicon mat

Then he pours in over the lace mat I prepared ahead of time. We let it sit a few days to harden and carefully pulled the lace away from the mold. Now it’s time to have some fun!

Alegna Soap® making the "lace"

I covered the mat with a white soap. The soap was at a thick trace so it was a little easier to manage.

Alegna Soap® making the "lace"

Let it dry a few hours.

Alegna Soap® making the "lace"

Scrape off the excess soap. I used the scrapings in my Soap for Soup. I don’t like to let any soap go to waste.

Alegna Soap® Making Lace Soap

The new lace mat goes into my soap mold. I made another batch of soap and poured it over the “lace”

Alegna Soap® Lace block of soap

After 48 hours, I unmolded the soap and pulled away the lace silicon mat. The botton of the soap now becomes the top and you can see the beautiful imprint of lace on the soap top.

Alegna Soap® Lace Soap

I cut the block into soap logs

Alegna Soap® Lace Soap

And then cut the soap logs into beautiful bars of lace topped soap.


For my first attempt, I’m really happy with this new look for my soap tops. Next time, I’ll make the contrasting bottom soap a little darker so the lace pops out more.


What do you think of my Lace Soap?


Yours in Gratitude,






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6 responses to “Lace Soap”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love how you also give step-by-steps with photographs.

  2. flynn RHODES says:

    so interesting to read about “behind the scenes”!

  3. angela;
    thank for your post. It’s really beautiful!
    I’d love to see some pix of some with more contrast. I’ve tried, and failed, at making the impression mat 4 times now, but would so love to make some lace soap for our lavender farm. Would you consider making a soap mat for sale?

    • It was fun to make my own, but I agree with you, the contrast is not what I was looking for. I’ve found I get better contrast if I use a fondant mat. I bought a few from Amazon and cut them to fit my molds. Try it and let me know what you think. Thanks for sharing!

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