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Peppermint Scrub

By Angela Carillo on Monday, August, 13th, 2018 in Gratitude List, Soaps.


Alegna Soap® Peppermint Scrub


Since I spend a lot of time with my soaps, I think of them as my friends. I give them different personalities and I thought you may like to see them the way I do. Meet Candi, my Peppermint Scrub soap.


Madison, Sherie, Olivia and Julianna walked into the Athletic Department office chattering together excitedly about their plans for the following week’s pep rally and bake sale.  All four are the officers of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad at Hampton High School under the direction of Ms. Candi Snow, physical education and health teacher. 

“Ms. Snow said we could get started on making the signs and posters for the pep rally bake sale here in the office,” said Madison, the President of the squad, to the department administrative assistant, Chloe. The rest of the girls took out their laptops to get started on their designs.

“Sure,” Chloe said, reaching for a set of keys in her drawer to let them into the conference room so they could work on the large wooden table.  “She told me to let you in and said she’d be back from her workout in the weight room by 4:00.”  


Alegna Soap® Peppermint Scrub


Candi had made a point of reminding Chloe not to leave the students alone in the office before she got there, and if Chloe had to leave, the girls would have to wait for Candi in the hallway.  While she trusted that the girls would always do the right thing, rules were rules, and the school did not allow students to be alone in the Athletic Department office without supervision.  The girls knew the deal, and they respected Candi’s integrity.  She was a veteran who had served for three years in the Marines, and though she was an enthusiastic and fun coach, she had a no-nonsense way of dealing with students who pushed the limits too far.  The entire squad wanted nothing more than to maintain her trust and respect, and they went out of their way to do their best, not only on the cheerleading squad but in their classes and their reputation in the school, as well.

Candi’s arrival was like a whirlwind.  “HEY!” she shouted, with a bright, white smile for the group.  “How’s it going?” she asked as she circled the table checking out their progress.

The girls were working with Candi to raise money for the Pop Warner National Cheer & Dance Championships.  They were psyched to be competing against some of the top squads in the country, and as they worked, they bounced ideas off each other about other ways to raise funds. When Candi arrived they were anxious to share their ideas with her.


Alegna Soap® Peppermint Scrub


She listened attentively to their pitches, her bright blue eyes encouraging each girl as they spoke. From going door-to-door to get raffle prizes from local businesses to holding an indoor carnival on a Saturday for local elementary school kids and their parents, the girls outlined their plans and expectations for results.  

“Good work, ladies!” Candi said, applauding them, as they set out the timeline for each week’s schedule for activities and donation goals.  “But don’t let your schoolwork suffer.  That is just as important as all this.” 

As the girls packed up their things and headed for the after-school buses, Candi headed to the showers while opening a brand new bar of Peppermint Scrub soap. The soothing, sharp scent of the mint brought her back to her own girlhood, and the excitement of all her activities and friendships.

“There’s a reason I was named Candi,” she thought, “and it’s not just because I’m such a sweetie.” And there was a reason that peppermint was her signature scent. Born on Christmas, her parents told her that Santa brought her to them and it was their happiest Christmas ever.  Santa told them to name her Candi because she would be as sweet as a candy cane, and as bright as the scent of peppermint. Because of that, she would bring happiness and joy to everyone she met.  Candi took that story to heart, and did her best to spread Christmas cheer, not just all year ‘round, but all through her life.


Alegna Soap® Peppermint Scrub


Whenever anyone around her was sad, Candi’s bubbly energy and mile-wide smile was healing and uplifting.  When her friends broke up with boyfriends, she always had words of support and inspiration to offer. In the service, she energized others in her platoon with her cries of, “Never give up!” and “Keep going!” 

 She taught her young protégés to do the same.  Their cheers rang out on the football field and basketball court, “This is our Victory! This is our destiny! No one can stop us, you will see!” and Candi knew this was her destiny.

As the water rinsed away the bubbles, she sang a cheer to herself, “I’m a Christmas Baby, Candi Snow. Born to spread cheer wherever I go! I was heaven sent, I have a special scent–I’ll give you a hint, it’s… Peppermint.”  With a laugh, she threw on her sweats and sneakers, picked up her gym bag, turned out the lights, and headed home, as cheerful as ever.

I hope you love Candi as much as I do.


Yours in Gratitude,


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  1. Christina says:

    How cool is that story and relating it to your soap world. I can almost taste and smell the soap without even having it here. Love reading your articles.

  2. Sandy Engels says:

    I can feel her high energy and enthusiasm…I bet Candi is truly a joy to be around…much like the Peppermint Scrub soap…sounds divine.

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