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Sea Cliff Mini Mart

By Angela Carillo on Monday, October, 2nd, 2017 in Gratitude List, Soaps.

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My day job is in a school system on the north shore of Long Island. Sea Cliff is one of the towns included in the district. It’s an artsy town.  On Sunday they held their annual Sea Cliff mini mart. The people who live in Sea Cliff love their mini mart fiercely.  I swear the whole town comes out for it.  It’s held the first Sunday of October on Sea Cliff Avenue, and has over 200 vendors, all with hand made items.


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I look forward to this event for many reasons.  While I’m there selling my soaps, I get to see many of my co-workers and their families. For some, it’s the first time they realize that I do something other than assist in the science department. For others, they come to visit and buy their favorite soap.


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I get to see students from my skin care classes and their parents. Many of them have moved on to middle school and I won’t see them again until they get to the high school. Their parents tell me how much they loved my class and the students tell me they miss it. My heart is full of gratitude.


My friend Diane of Peace Soap also sells at the mini mart, in fact, her studio is in the town. I’m usually at one end of the Sea Cliff avenue and she’s all the way down the other end in front of her studio. I love the look on customers faces when I refer them to her (you’re sending me to another soap maker??) I know her soaps are awesome and if I don’t have what you want, I’ll help you find her.



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I always have a great time at the Sea Cliff mini mart and this year was no exception. I’m grateful for all the old and new customers who came by to see me. I’m grateful for the friends and coworkers who came by. And I’m grateful to be part of such a unique event.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,






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4 responses to “Sea Cliff Mini Mart”

  1. Diane says:

    Great snapshot of a beautiful day at your local craft event! It must be amazing doing an event at your local venue and seeing all those familiar and friendly faces! Hope you did well!

  2. I have to remember to go next year. I have heard wonderful things about it, it is such a quaint town.

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