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Soap, Bubbles and Grandchildren

By Angela Carillo on Monday, July, 10th, 2017 in Gratitude List, Uncategorized.


Soap, bubbles and grandchildren


I think my 3 favorite things are soap, bubbles & grandchildren. Maybe not in that order though.

A few weeks ago we were lucky that our son and daughter-in-law trusted us to watch Luke while they went on a business trip. He’s 18 months old and starting to communicate. When he is hungry, he runs to his little chair and sits in it.  If he walks to the door to our computer room, he wants to see “Elmo’s World”.  He started talking recently.  Our son told us he says “ba-ball” for ball and he liked run and to throw it in a bucket. We found out that weekend he also likes “ba-bullz” or bubbles.

Since I do a lot of outdoor craft fairs for Alegna Soap® I bought a bubble machine. I thought it made sense if I were selling soap. The machine only had on on and off switch. The first time we turned it on there were so many bubbles I knew it would be annoying to my customers and my vendor neighbors.  Brian rigged it so I can turn the speed up and down (I swear that man can fix anything) and now when I use it for events it’s perfect.

We set up the bubble machine and brought Luke outside. He loved it! Brian held him and they popped bubbles with their fingers. We put Luke down and he ran after the bubbles. But I think what he loved the most was when Brian showed him how to use the speed dial. Luke could make the bubbles come faster and slow them down. He loved full speed because my backyard was full of bubbles.

Soap, bubbles and grandchildren. I’m grateful my son and daughter-in-law let us watch Luke. I’m grateful for Brian who fixed my bubble machine. And I’m grateful for both my grandchildren, Luke and Brian. The next time we go to Virginia I’m bringing the bubble machine.  I want to hear Brian say “ba-bullz”.

What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,


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4 responses to “Soap, Bubbles and Grandchildren”

  1. You are my grandma crush this week! What a fun story. I can’t wait to do those things with my own!

  2. Donna DeRosa says:

    That’s a great picture. I love bubbles too.

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