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My Two Favorite Guys

By Angela Carillo on Monday, February, 19th, 2018 in Gratitude List.
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my two favorite guys

I’m so grateful for my two favorite guys. Sadly, my husband is not one of them, but he understands my obsession. In my family we had a whirlwind 13 months. First my daughter got married, then my son got married.  They my son’s wife had a baby and four months later, so did my daughter. So many wonderful changes!


my two favorite guys

Luke is my first born grandson. I want his hair! It’s dark and curly and absolutely gorgeous.


my two favorite guys

Brian is my second grandson. I can already tell he has his dad’s sense of humor.


They both have million dollar smiles! Luke loves Thomas the Train and Brian loves his dogs. We were able to all be together this past Thanksgiving, and the boys sort of paralleled played.  I really am looking forward to watching them really interact with each other. I’m guessing that will be in another year or so.


my two favorite guys

I was lucky to get Luke on my lap to eat some birthday cake at his second birthday.  He can’t say Gigi yet, but if you ask him where Gigi’s nose is, he points to mine.


My two favorite guys

Look at how much Brian love his Poppy! Brian lives about 5 hours away and we try to go down to see him once a month. I’m also grateful for FaceTime because we can see him and he can see us on a regular basis.


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I even got Luke to pose with one of my Limited Edition soaps when he was a baby!


Family is important and these two guys have quickly become the most important members. They make my mom smile and melt my heart. They bring noise and laughter into our house. I need to feel their tiny hugs and messy kisses. I’m so grateful to be a grandmother.


What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,


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