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What are Makers?

By Angela Carillo on Monday, February, 12th, 2018 in Business, Gratitude List, Soap Making.

What are Makers?

Adam Savage says that humans do two things that make up unique from all other animals; we use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once.  When I saw these signs at one of the elementary schools I work in, I immediately thought of my soap maker friends and what we have in common. So what are makers?



Makers are Problem Solvers

A maker needs to be a good problem solver, which I think takes a combination of logic and intuition.  We need to define the problem, think of some solutions, evaluate and choose one to implement. If the chosen solution doesn’t work, we go back at the beginning and start again. I think of the many batches of soap I reformulated to get my recipe.



Makers are Collaborators

A maker needs to build trust and relationships to be a collaborator. I try hard to become friends with other soap makers. I want all of us to succeed. I like having friends I can bounce ideas off of and friends I can work with. I don’t see other soap makers as competition.



Makers are Communicators

Makers need to be good listeners, ask questions and get clarification when needed. S/he needs to read body language and be open to new thoughts and ideas. This is especially true when you run a maker business. You need to be able to communicate your story.



Makers are Innovators

S/he needs to see things where others don’t, be a risk taker, and not be afraid to fail.  Personally, I think the most important thing here is not being afraid to fail. We learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.



Makers are Thinkers

A maker needs to get information and figure things out. S/he should be observant, independent, and curious and be able to use what is discovered to reach a conclusion.



Makers are Committed Individuals

A committed individual is dependable, focused, and passionate about what they do. S/he is self motivated and determined. Makers need to truly love what they do, and I truly love soap making. I love the chemistry behind it, and the finished product. I love the creative process of planing the design, and perfecting the scent. Even washing soap dishes is fun to me.


I’m grateful for all the makers in my life. What are you grateful for this week?


Yours in Gratitude,


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2 responses to “What are Makers?”

  1. Cindy Jones says:

    I really like all of these points and was trying to think if there were any more. I thought of ‘risk takers’. When we make something we are investing a lot of time, money and energy into a creation and it often does not work out. But then that time, money and energy are not really wasted, but are counted as education. Thanks for putting this together.

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